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A Little About Night Owls Dispatching

Quality Service

My rates are very competitive and my service is very unique! I offer overnight dispatching for your 24 hour business. Your business is provided a dedicated phone line each night, to forward your calls to, this ensures your clients never feel like they are talking to an answering service! I learn your business and your service locations, this encourages my ability to produce a quality service to your business and a seamless feel to your clients! 

The Rest You Deserve

Running a business is harder then any job you have ever held down! Make sure you are finding the time to rest or taking the time off to spend with friends and family, so you can still strive to thrive in your industry. If you have an affordable option to maintain your business you can find more ways build and grow your own network! Employing someone to work overnight is sure to cost far more then my nightly rates! Especially if you look for our multi-night discount!

Dispatching, Calls, Overnight

Never Miss A Late Night Call!

Once you complete my survey and are eligible to run services live, you are able to pick your schedule and help design the client request form. This form breaks down to exactly what information you need me to obtain from the client and dispatch to the service provider! Beginning each night you will provide me with the names and contact information for each of your service providers available that shift, this saves time and energy when there are calls to be serviced! At the end of each service night/morning you may be provided with a detailed call log. This will elaborate on all calls received and services dispatched to your employees or service runners! 

Businesses We Serve

Towing/Wrecker Services

I am able to assist your customer in a calm manner to help obtain the correct location and issues of the scene. This enables me to dispatch the appropriate member of your team with the correct truck and materials. 

Welfare/Support Services

I am able to help navigate sometimes emotional clientele and collect the vital information to make each call as smooth as possible for your provider, your client, and ultimately your business! 

Electrician Services

Navigating the services your client needs and determining the priority of the call, while taking in all of the vital information for an accurate and timely service!

Plumbing Providers

Nothing is quite like a flood in the middle of the night! I am able to help the client navigate the important information and locations!

General Maintenance Providers

Whether a person knows the solution or not, I am able to help determine and describe the issue to your service provider! Helping ensure your provider is able to show up with necessary supplies and tools! 

Social Media

Over the hours I am assisting your business with the phones I am also able to assist in scheduling posts and increasing your social media presence! Rates vary but start as low as $5 per night! 

Just A Bit About Me

In Business

I have been a business owner for 5 years! This  helps me understand your need of solid resources, that work as hard as you do, for the success of your business! I intend to work hard for your business, just as I work hard for my own! 

In Family

As a single biological/foster/adoptive parent I wear all of the hats, provider, entertainer, trainer, teacher, friend, and enforcer. This life of mine gives you the advantage of knowing, nothing stops me, nothing scares me, and no job is impossible! If there is a will, we know there is a way! 

In Confidentiality

I believe your business is an asset to my business. I believe your trust and your support are the only roads to my success. At no point in time will your rates, clients, client details, or service information be shared with a competitor, or sold for any reason whatsoever. 

On Social Media

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